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Transformational Encounters: Touch, Traction, Transform (TETTT) is large scale interactive artwork which houses nine performative installations made by the artist in response to a year-long transformational dialogue with her participants. 20 people, 21 days, 22 multimedia prompts, 440 interactive responses, 12 films, 9 exhibits –  what touches, troubles and transforms us?


This public exhibition engages audiences through physical and sensual interactivity. The use of performative technologies triggers films, images, sounds and interviews from within familiar objects; a bed, a wardrobe, a table, chairs. These interactive installations offer audiences spaces within which to rest and encounter the participant’s lives, whilst simultaneously reflecting on their own. The nine artworks are designed to be experienced as a whole, with each installation speaking into the artwork of another, but the journey through the landscape is the audience’s own.


Of the installations, a rowing boat reels a film backwards and forwards making and breaking an event. A  wardrobe offers opportunity for disappearance and reappearance amongst crows. A four poster bed invites you to sleep, play and peep. A nest and a desk, offer exploration and rest. A silver mirror reflects back the unexpected. An abandoned table is alive with a feast of participation and conversation. A slow journey of walking and wheeling between two ‘Peters’. A magic map that speaks to you in constellations of hearts and stars.


Specifically, TETTT re-stages individual stories within filmic, augmented, networked and tactile environments in order to generate new qualities of reflective space that empower transformation, contemplation and connection. Within such structures, a hopeful and restorative dance is activated that forms the enabling agent to affectively transform the emotional, spiritual and creative experience of worlds.

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